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The Office for Research Ethics and Integrity, part of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation is responsible for managing ethics and related approval processes and developing and implementing policies and guidelines for responsible research (or research integrity).

Research integrity underpins the research endeavour. Find out more about research integrity at Melbourne including definitions, the Research Integrity Advisor network and how to report research misconduct.

Animal ethics is required for all University teaching and research activities that involve the use of animals - this covers the whole spectrum of research and teaching activity from laboratory-based study to the observation and noting (without handling) of animal behaviour in its own habitat. 

Human Ethics

Gene Technology & Biosafety

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You need human ethics approval from the University if your research involves humans or their tissue or data. Research activities requiring such approval include surveys, interviews, observational studies, administration of tests or stimuli, collection and use of human tissues and clinical trials. Find out more on these pages.

Information about work involving genetically modified organisms, hazardous infectious agents, quarantine goods and security-sensitive biological agents

OREI is developing a range of new and revised policies related to the responsible conduct of research. Relevant papers on policies affecting the way you conduct your research will be posted here, so please get involved in the discussion! The new OREI Blog, canvassing diverse issues in research ethics and integrity, will also reside here.